Waco Biker Tragedy

The Lip.TV - Antidote - Waco Biker Gang Shooting: Cops and Court Conspiracy with Brent Coon

Published on Aug 3, 2015

The Waco Biker Gang shooting that took place at a Twin Peaks restaurant cost nine people their lives, but has also meant havoc for 177 bikers that were charged with crimes in the aftermath. With million dollar bail handed out for suspects, and an aggressive and shadowy prosecution working against the arrested bikers, we explore the underside of the case with attorney (and biker) Brent Coon. The collision of 1% groups, with aggressive law enforcement and the general public is illuminated on Antidote, hosted by Michael Parker.

A partner in a well known litigation firm less than three years out of law school, Brent Coon had already tried dozens of lawsuits to verdict, most as solo counsel, and always for the plaintiff. He achieved his first million dollar verdict in those early years and was on the fast track as he continued to win many other multimillion dollar verdicts over the years in a variety of cases involving occupational disease, environmental contamination, transportation injuries, products liability, maritime law and general negligence.
In only a decade since founding his own firm, Brent Coon and Associates, he has recovered in excess of a billion dollars for victims of catastrophic injury, occupational disease, pharmaceutical harm and environmental pollution.

Antidote Playlist on Youtube:
Antidote Highlights Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Brent Coon to Antidote.
00:48 Who, what and why there was a biker meeting in Waco, Texas.
04:10 The initial reports and shooting.
05:30 Engaging in criminal activity and police involvement.
08:19 Police militarization, excessive bail and Twin Peaks restaurant.
15:25 Media coverage, the Aging Rebel and undercover cops.
19:40 Autopsy and ballistic results.
21:20 False imprisonment and potential lawsuits.
25:18 ATF, DOJ and 1% groups.
26:10 Thank you and goodbye.

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