Waco Biker Tragedy

Problem With Profiles

As many of you know, the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission and Washington State Patrol were planning targeted motorcycle safety patrols starting tomorrow. These patrols would be in direct violation of RCW 43.101.419, the law prohibiting motorcycle profiling.

Through the unified efforts of the Confederation of Clubs, ABATE, and the U.S. Defenders, these planned patrols WILL NOT HAPPEN and an alert has been issued to participating agencies to help ensure profiling does not occur. In response to a letter outlining these grievances from COC attorney Mike Myers, (below) the WSTC claimed the original press release announcing the patrols was a mistake. They apologized, reversed their position, and even issued an alert to all participating agencies outlining the state prohibition on motorcycle profiling. The following retraction was posted on the WSTC Its a Fine Line site: "Update: A draft press release was mistakenly distributed earlier this week which raised some questions about our motorcycle safety campaign. Motorcycle safety patrols are beginning this Friday, July 31, and running through August 16 in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties. Motorcyclists are over-represented in crashes that result in serious injuries and death. These patrols are focused in areas where there are a high number of motorcycle rider fatalities. These patrols will be focused on all motor vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders who commit traffic safety violations. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission and participating law enforcement agencies condemn profiling. Trained and commissioned law enforcement officers will be conducting these patrols enforcing traffic violations as defined by Washington State laws. An updated press release will be distributed to the media and posted on this website on Friday, July 31, 2015."

The Washington State Motorcycle Rights movement continues to provide an exemplary model for the fight against profiling and the advancement of our rights base. Simply put, the motorcycle profiling law in Washington State has the power to reverse discriminatory policymaking conducted by state agencies and reinforce the regime of protection legally enjoyed by motorcyclists in our state.

Double D - Chair, Washington State Confederation of Clubs

Lyle C-Coordinator, Washington State ABATE

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