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John Doe AKA Shooter #2 at Don Carlos 5-17-15

September 13, 2016, 2:23 pm

In the quest to properly identify potential Law Enforcement shooters from the Texas Department of Public Safety here is a short list:

    Lt. Steven D. Schwartz
    Special Agent Christopher Dean Frost
    Sgt. Cory J. Ledbetter
    SGT. Christopher Hugh Dale

That term in and of itself is loosing its intended meaning in this day and age. Public Safety should not include firing your rifle into a crowd of unarmed citizens. This logic would mean that an agent of the Department of Public Safety shot into a group of 30 men to protect 5 of them from being beaten up, or 10, or 15 of them, but that math is not logical.

29 were shot, including those the agent was supposed to be protecting. There was not a hint of protection on May 17th, 2015 at the Central Texas Marketplace Shopping Center. Unmarked Waco Police Department SWAT vehicles: 1-4, blue SUV’s with tinted windows and no lights on top, and one black DPS SWAT suburban.

There now exists another highly likely potential shooter at Don Carlos Restaurant who is pointed towards the “Kill Zone” at Twin Peaks parking lot, which is directly across from where the shooter is pointing approximately 50 ft. towards the Twin Peaks patio area. If you look closely to the image to the left of Sgt. Cory J. Ledbetter (Red Boots) , you can see the same (or similar) suburban in the back over his left shoulder, which has no parking spaces there normally.

This next UN-identified shooter has on a “State Police” bullet proof vest, and a rather common plaid shirt with blue jeans not tucked into his boots so we do not see the color of his boots. Is that important still?  What is very important is that there are 2 potential shooters that have not released their amount of rounds expended from 5/17/15, which would help show how many total rounds were fired into a group of Americans, wounding 20 and killing 9. The other important factor in these facts of more shooters from LE at civilians is the fact that the weapon that shooter #2 is carrying does not seem to be .223 or 5.56 FMJ, and can possibly be a 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 caliber. Some SWAT teams carry a Barretta CX4 Storm Carbine, or something very similar.

Why is the type of rifle used matter in this situation? Due to the caliber of the bullet, it will leave a larger entry wound and much nastier exit wound on the victims, as some wounded do not know who they were shot by, yet have pistol round sized holes in their body. With the possibility of having Law Enforcement agents of the Department of Public Safety firing pistol ammunition through a rifle with a scope, while barricaded safely behind a concrete wall across a parking lot; this indicates that DPS had targets that they were firing at. If for no other reason to inflict panic into a group that shows premeditated and calculated shots from a sniper position at an adjacent building by an Agent of the State of Texas. This may not have been just some Waco accident.

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