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At least one Twin Peaks suspect posts $1 million bond, required to wear ankle monitor

May 22, 2015, 12:25 pm



At least one of the approximately 170 suspects jailed in a deadly shooting Sunday at Twin Peaks has been released on a $1 million bond and has been fitted with an ankle monitor, per the conditions of his release, officials confirmed Wednesday.


District Court Judge Ralph Strother said he, Judge Matt Johnson, District Attorney Abel Reyna and McLennan County Sheriff’s Capt. John Kolinek met Wednesday morning to discuss conditions of bond on the suspects.


Strother said those conditions across the board will include wearing an ankle monitor, having no contact with biker gang members, surrendering passports, staying away from potential victims or witnesses in Sunday’s melee and not consuming alcohol or drugs, among others.


Johnson said Wednesday there was no plan to reduce the $1 million bond amount for the suspects in the immediate future.


Ronnie Marroquin, McLennan County Recovery Healthcare Corp. office manager, said an electronic GPS ankle monitor was attached to one inmate in the case about 9 a.m. Wednesday.


“If they don’t follow the condition of bond stipulations for GPS, we will be notified within seconds,” he said.


The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office would be notified at the same time, Marroquin said.


Kolinek said handling the huge number of suspects in such a short time was an initial challenge but that the booking process smoothed out over time.


“Everybody goes through the same process, whether it’s one or 100” inmates, he said.


Kolinek said that with the influx of inmates, the McLennan County Jail is now at 90 percent capacity. The jail holds up to 941 inmates, and there are now 849. Another 384 are being housed at the Jack Harwell Detention Center, which holds up to 816 inmates, he said.


Arraignments have been completed on all of the inmates, he said.


Kolinek also said the classification process for sorting rival gangs was something the jail was prepared for and uses regularly.


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